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Why the kind of assault charge matters

Letting your anger overwhelm you may prove problematic. You may face arrest and charges whether you make physical contact with someone else or not.

Like most things, the type of charge determines the possible outcome should a judge convict you. Under Texas law, assault is the threat of harm, and battery is the physical act of doing harm. However, the law does not differentiate when setting out assault charges that include physical contact. Discover what you may face should the police charge you with assault in Texas.

What is simple assault?

A simple assault ranges from verbal threats of harm to light physical contact. The contact indicated by a simple assault may include pushing a finger into someone’s shoulder or brushing against another in a sexual manner. If you stand close to someone in a way that feels threatening, you may face arrest for simple assault. The charges range from a misdemeanor to a felony, depending on the motivation behind the threat and the victim.

What constitutes an aggravated assault?

An all-out physical brawl may end with you facing aggravated assault charges. Leaving someone with injuries requiring medical care or using a weapon elevates an assault charge. Examples of deadly weapons include:

  • Firearms
  • Ropes
  • Bricks
  • Rocks
  • Bats
  • Chains

The extent of the physical damage you inflict dictates the type of charge you face in an aggravated assault. Felony assaults often come with stiffer penalties, including mandatory jail time.

An assault charge may seem like an uphill battle to face, but this is not always the case. Finding someone who knows how to navigate these types of charges may prove beneficial to your case.


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