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Helping You Survive Texas’s Criminal Process

If you have been arrested for committing a crime in Texas, what you know about the criminal process can help you make sound decisions that protect your future. You can depend on me, H. Alex Fuller, to educate you on legal options and identify possible outcomes so that you are prepared for challenges you will face before trial.


I have defended my clients against criminal charges in Dallas County and Collin County courthouses for over a decade. Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, I am qualified to handle all aspects related to your case.


Please read this information to learn more about what to expect after you have been charged with a crime. Then, contact The Law Office Of H. Alex Fuller, PLLC, in McKinney to make an appointment for your no-cost consultation by calling 972-535-8266.

Steps To Take To Protect Your Case Before Trial

1. When you are out on bond, obey the conditions your judge establishes.

Defendants must follow court requirements when they are out on bond. If you break these conditions, you risk losing the bail posted for your release or may need to return to jail. Understand that you may be drug- or alcohol-tested at any time when you are out on bond. You will go to jail if you fail this test.


2. Be patient after your arrest.

Once the state makes an arrest, charges may be filed for six months. The state tests evidence during this time. If the case sent to the district attorney (DA), it may take another two months before the case moves forward.


3. Make good use of your time when you are out on bond.

Use this time to show the DA that you are taking appropriate steps to rehabilitate yourself. Enrolling rehab for substance abuse, or attending meetings for AA or anger management may help your case and your future.


4. Do not make any rash decision during the pre-trial period.

When the DA and your attorney are reviewing the evidence for your case, your trial could be set three to six months after charges have been filed. It is critical to remain patient at this time. Many defendants become tired with the delay in the criminal process and plead guilty to charges they could have fought in trial.


5. Keep the faith in the process and your attorney.

As your advocate, your criminal defense lawyer has your best interest in mind. You can depend on me to keep you apprised of your case’s progress and to explore all options when developing a legal strategy. Be ready to go through the process with a strong legal ally by your side.

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