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A Seasoned Trial Attorney Who Will Protect Your Rights

The stakes are high when the police charge you with a criminal offense, which can make it difficult to focus on facts and procedures when handling this legal matter. Whether you face allegations of drunk driving, committing a drug crime or participating in another illegal act, partnering with a qualified lawyer can help navigate the criminal process and secure an effective remedy.


For over a decade, The Law Office Of H. Alex Fuller, PLLC, has represented clients in Collin County and Dallas County courthouses. As a former prosecutor, I can anticipate opposing counsel’s legal strategy and create a compelling argument that resonates with juries and judges. You benefit from my expansive legal background and thorough understanding of criminal law.

Tailoring A Targeted Approach For Your Case

I craft a customized approach for each client because I understand that no two criminal cases are the same. When you hire me, I will conduct a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding your arrest, studying the evidence collected and exploring all legal options available. By creating a targeted strategy using a cost-benefit analysis, I can help you limit your time and expense.


I am qualified to represent clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges for:



In addition to representing defendants in Texas state and federal courts, I advocate for young adults charged with minor in possession (MIP), marijuana possession, theft and other college crimes in McKinney, Frisco and the surrounding area. For students facing serious charges, minimizing the impact of an arrest or conviction can have a lasting effect.

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