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Providing A Tenacious Defense Against Sex Crime Charges

People are innocent until proven guilty, but this presumption of innocence is thrown out the window when the charges involve sex crimes. Sex offense charges can result in great damage to your personal reputation and your standing in the community if not promptly addressed. If you have been arrested or have reason to believe you are under investigation for committing this type of crime, you need the help of a proven criminal defense attorney.


I am criminal defense lawyer H. Alex Fuller. I have the skills and resources necessary to mount an aggressive fight against sex violation charges in McKinney and courts throughout Texas. I can be the strong advocate you need while your freedom, good name and future are on the line due to these potentially devastating charges.


Time is not on your side if you are facing sexually based criminal charges. Call 972-535-8266 today or email me to arrange your free initial consultation.

Sex Offenses Carry Criminal And Personal Penalties

Having a sex crime conviction on your record will end your life as you know it. Beyond criminal penalties such as prison time, being a registered sex offender comes with collateral damage such as failed background checks that could harm your employment and housing prospects.


I am ready to protect your rights and your personal reputation, defending you against charges involving:


  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Statutory rape
  • Solicitation
  • Internet sex crimes


I will act swiftly to minimize the damage you suffer as a result of your arrest and the charges against you. I will thoroughly examine the evidence and create a strategy for achieving the best possible outcome for you, which may be pleading to a lesser offense or fighting your charges at trial. No matter the road your case takes, I will advocate for your interests every step of the way.

Act Now To Protect Your Future

I can’t overstate the potential damage you face from rape charges and other sex violation charges. Contact me today to arrange your free consultation and receive a straightforward assessment of your defense options.