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Drug Charges Create Life-Changing Risks

Although other states in the U.S. are loosening restrictions on marijuana use, Texas has not followed this trend. Texas penalties for drug violations are among the most severe in the nation, and judges take a hard line when determining sentences for defendants.


If you are facing a drug charge in Collin County or Dallas County, this is not the time to navigate the criminal process alone.


As a criminal defense attorney with more than 10 years’ experience, I have designed effective legal strategies, establishing an impressive record of success at all levels of Texas state courts and in federal district courts. As a former prosecutor, I know how to present effective arguments and negotiate favorable agreements with opposing counsel. I am equipped to handle a variety of criminal matters, ranging from straightforward misdemeanor offenses to complex felony charges.


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Driven To Limit The Impact A Conviction Has On Your Future

Having a misdemeanor or felony drug conviction on your criminal record can negatively affect your educational opportunities and your career and housing options. When you retain me, I will act promptly to protect your future and your rights.


I will advocate for defendants facing charges that include:


  • Marijuana possession/Drug possession
  • Drug sales or distribution
  • Drug trafficking
  • Possession of paraphernalia


In Texas, offenders convicted of drug possession, sale or delivery may go to jail. The maximum penalty for possessing a small amount of marijuana is 180 days in addition to a possible $2,000 fine. Delivering marijuana to a minor who is a student is a felony. Penalties double for defendants convicted of delivering drugs in a drug-free zone. It takes a skilled approach to limit the impact these charges can have on your life.


Whether you are a first-time offender or have faced drug charges in the past, I am ready to take your case and pursue a favorable outcome.

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