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Buying items with false ID may lead to felony charges in Texas

Texas prosecutors may file felony charges for using false identification to obtain goods. The Texas Penal Code’s website notes that individuals may face state felony charges or first, second or third-degree felony charges for using the fraudulent identification information.

Penalties may increase based on the number of times prosecutors allege an individual used the information. Under Section 32.51 of the Texas Penal Code, prosecutors may also charge individuals for purportedly buying items using another person’s electronic ID information.

Identification types that may classify as fraudulent

Identification may not consist only of names, social security numbers and birth dates. Texas law considers biometric data such as fingerprints and iris or retina images as identification that individuals might put to fraudulent use.

Law enforcement officials may also allege defendants used credit cards and bank account routing numbers taken from another individual. Using a deceased individual’s identification, for example, may result in a felony charge. The severity of the penalties could escalate for using an elderly resident’s ID.

Texas man arrested after allegedly using false ID for a vehicle purchase

As reported by the Lake & McHenry County Scanner, Lone Star State officials arrested and charged a 35-year-old resident alleging he used false identification to purchase a vehicle. The complaint filed against him also alleges he called 911 and reported the vehicle stolen. Officials investigating the call claim the name he gave them came from an identity theft victim.

Offenses involving false or stolen identification information may result in serious charges. An individual may face enhanced penalties depending on how often the ID use occurred. Penalties may also increase if the information belonged to an elderly individual or a minor. Defendants may, however, have options to avoid conviction or reduce the charges.


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