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Breach of contract claim results in arrest of two in Winnsboro

When business representatives and professionals in Plano come under scrutiny for deceptive practices. it may be easy for many people to simply accept the charges against them without any additional scrutiny. This is likely due to the opinion companies only care about their bottom line (which simultaneously implies that once checks change hands, the allegedly offending company could care less about the performance of their services).

Yet professional performance evaluations made by outsiders can be inherently flawed given the general public’s lack of specific knowledge about certain issues. In such a case, people should reserve their assumptions until both sides finish presenting their version of events.

Local fire departments sue over unfinished services

In such a scenario, the accused side may be able to answer a plaintiff’s concerns. The plaintiff may or may not choose to accept that answer, yet if it is sincere, their concerns may be irrelevant. KLTV reports that such a dispute is currently playing out between the Hugh Springs and Douglassville Fire Departments and a local business. Representatives from both entities claim they paid the business to retrofit their trucks with specialized equipment to allow for deep water rescues, yet no work was ever done. Instead, they claim company representatives simply made up excuses as to why the work had not commenced until finally, both departments retrieved their unmodified vehicles from the company.

Establishing intent

Representatives from the company claim they were unable to perform the work due to a lack of availability of both time and needed parts. In cases like this one, that may indeed be true. If so, it may be difficult to establish criminal intent on the part of a defendant, calling into question whether or not a crime was even committed. An experienced legal firm may help ensure such questions surface during a trial.


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