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DUI charges and your personal relationships

When people think about the consequences of a drunk driving case, they may focus on the financial penalties or losing their ability to drive (not to mention spending time behind bars, in some instances). While these are all major concerns for many people who have been accused of this offense, there are a lot of other ways in which one’s life can be upended after they are pulled over for drunk driving. For example, their personal relationships may suffer, not only with regard to their spouse or partner but their friends and other family members as well.

There are a number of ways in which personal relationships can be shattered due to DUI charges. For example, a spouse may want to exit the marriage because they are angry with their spouse’s behavior or because they feel embarrassed about the ordeal, especially if it received a lot of attention in the media. Family members may lose respect for their relatives because of the person’s DUI case, and these charges can lead to various forms of friction within families. For example, a parent may decide to stop paying for their child’s college because they were pulled over for driving under the influence. Even lifelong friends may decide to move on from the friendship because of a DUI case.

Unfortunately, these challenges can make it even harder for someone to focus on their case and try to piece their lives together. If you are trying to work through a drunk driving case while others in your life are making things hard for you, it is important to remain focused.


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