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What are the consequences of violating your bail conditions?

Following an arrest for a criminal charge, you will attend a hearing during which the court will determine if you may post a bail payment and leave jail during your trial period. If the judge rules to let you out on bail, there will be certain restrictions by which you must abide.

Restrictions may vary based on the nature of the crime for which you are under arrest. You might have to attend rehabilitative classes or remain within a certain geographical area. Violating these bail conditions will lead to potentially severe consequences.

Going back to jail

The most immediate effect following the violation of your bail conditions is that the judge will revoke your bond. You will return to jail with the possibility of another bond hearing in the near future. If the court determines that the nature of your violation is reason to consider you a flight risk, however, a judge might no longer recognize your right to bail.

Harsher restrictions

The process of posting bail is a necessary assurance that the accused will return to court when called upon. After violating the conditions of your bail once, the court will likely demand a higher bail with more restrictive conditions to guarantee your cooperation going forward.

During the criminal defense process, you will gain an understanding of how to navigate the complexities of living under the restrictions of bails and bonds. Following the advice and guidance of your attorney is the best way to stay on the right side of the law when preparing for a trial.


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