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Why you should not underestimate the importance of anger management

If you have little control over your anger, an outburst may lead to violence. When you find yourself in a physical altercation, you may also risk assault charges.

To avoid charges or help prevent future convictions, learn to manage your anger.

Controlling your anger

Anger is natural, but it becomes toxic and dangerous when it leads to aggression and physical altercations. Before you escalate, try to control your anger. The moment you begin to feel your heart rate speed up and the anger boiling, try to count down from 10. For higher levels of anger, start at 100. by the time you finish counting, your heart rate should slow down.

Know when to take a breather. Slow, deep breathing from the nose and mouth can help calm your system. Combine it with a walk to reduce anger. Try walking around the neighborhood riding your bike to get yourself moving.

Remove yourself from the situation. Go somewhere quiet to visualize yourself somewhere more relaxing. Focus on the details of the scene to find a calm state. Do your best to practice empathy. Even when upset at another person, you can put yourself in another person’s shoes. Think about their perspective and try to gain a new understanding that may reduce your anger. To gain control again, consider visiting a therapist or mental health specialist to help deal with the underlying factors behind your anger.

Facing assault convictions

If you cannot control your anger, there is a strong possibility you may face assault charges. Assault convictions have serious consequences, including prison time, steep fines, loss of parenting rights and gun rights. Anger management courses show your willingness to change and to control your behavior.

When you face criminal charges, it can affect your career, housing and freedom.


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