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The consequences of underage drinking

When your student is off at college, you may feel relief that the hard parenting years are behind you. Until you get the call that your child has gotten caught driving while under the influence of alcohol.

The state takes underage drinking seriously, and your family may face new realities in the wake of the charge. Learn about some of the consequences your college student may face following an arrest for drinking and driving.

A zero-tolerance policy

Under Texas law, the court has a zero-tolerance policy when dealing with underage people caught driving under the influence. When a person under 21 gives a blood or breath test that indicates any level of alcohol is present, charges may follow. Since the court aims to curtail future incidences of driving under the influence, first-time underage offenders may have their driver’s license suspended for up to one year. Repeat offenses may result in suspensions that last up to two years.

The college experience

Should a charge of DUI or DWI lead to a conviction, what happens to your student? The school may withdraw financial aid, and your student may lose scholarships and grant money. Depending on how your student gets to school, a license suspension may make the trip more difficult. Since your child is over 18, the charge and conviction may remain on a criminal background check for years to come, affecting job opportunities and limiting personal and professional growth.

Your student’s safety and future are top priorities. As such, get assistance dealing with an underage drinking charge to try and minimize long-term impacts.


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