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Alcohol education programs may follow a DWI

When you face DWI charges, you know that there could be consequences for a conviction. Sometimes, a court may require you to attend an alcohol education program.

Many courts recommend alcohol treatment classes after a DWI conviction. The Texas Department of Public Safety says that a court usually suggests one of two kinds of alcohol education programs. If you are facing your first conviction, you may have to attend a 12-hour program. However, if you have multiple DWIs on your record, you may need to participate in a 32-hour program.

What happens during alcohol education classes?

Alcohol treatment programs are usually a form of intervention. FindLaw says that courts use these programs to help deter you from being in a situation that might result in another DWI charge. These sessions usually explain the way that alcohol affects your body, as well as the consequences of a DWI. Some programs may also include therapy. Additionally, the instructor may discuss some of the situations that cause people to face DWI charges. Typically, you also learn the signs of substance abuse.

What happens after the treatment program?

You generally need to complete the alcohol education program to meet the requirements of the court. Sometimes, completing the program can cause a court to reevaluate your situation. You may qualify to have your driving privileges restored sooner, for example. However, there may be consequences if you do not complete the program. It may take longer to get your license back if you do not follow the guidelines of a program.

If you receive a conviction, an alcohol education program may not be the only requirement you have to meet. A court may also recommend license suspension or the installation of an ignition interlock device.


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