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Polling shows a public perspective shift on marijuana in Texas

Marijuana law has been in a state of flux nationwide, which asks states, policymakers and everyday residents to confront their previous thoughts on the drug. Where some communities pursue full legalization, others remain firm on their position to keep things illegal or just decriminalized.

Public thoughts and ideas tend to influence future policy and, according to Marijuana Moment, recent polls show a growing agreement about marijuana’s legality.

A majority in both parties

Out of a poll of over 2,000 Texas adults through the month of October, Texas residents appear open to the possibility of legalizing the sale and use of marijuana.

By the numbers, 67% of the polled adults supported the initiative as a criminal justice reform. Nearly 80% of Democrats polled supported it. The notable stat, as per the article, was the Republic support. A majority of 51% of Republicans polled supported the initiative.

The poll did not specify much beyond legalizing the sale and use of marijuana and the majority of adults polled disagreed with legalizing other drugs like cocaine or heroin.

The laws now and later

While this poll may hint at a future policy change from Texas lawmakers, marijuana possession in Texas still carries severe penalties today. Possession under 2 oz is a Class B misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of 180 days in jail and a fine up to $2,000. Possessing over 4 oz is a state jail felony.

For now, it is important for anyone to consider marijuana drug charges seriously. These drug charges create life-changing risks and, if facing them, there are resources available to help navigate the legal ramifications.


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