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Will drug crimes compromise your college success?

Involvement with drugs can have many repercussions that impact your personal, professional and educational goals. When attending a college institution, drug crimes could disrupt your studies.

When you understand the correlation between drug use and its consequences, you may have more incentive to avoid such behaviors.

Lost opportunities

Most colleges will not kick you out for using drugs. However, involvement with drugs could compromise your eligibility to maintain any scholarships you have received. Additionally, according to, if you rely on federal student aid, drug crimes could make you ineligible to receive benefits.

Despite the disappointment of losing opportunities, you have the chance to participate in rehabilitation programs. Successful completion of such programs may aid your effort to have your eligibility restored. As you satisfy any legal requirements related to your charges, verify that your criminal record has accurate information. Outdated or incorrect information could unnecessarily affect your eligibility for years to come.

Impaired focus

If your drug crimes were not serious enough to result in an arrest, you may still experience repercussions including impaired focus. As such, your ability to learn and retain information may suffer substantially. You may notice your grades slipping and you may end up needing to take time away from classes because of poor physical and emotional health.

Facing drug charges does not have to mean the end of your college experience so long as you take back control. Know what your options are for having lost benefits reinstated and make personal goals to return to college as quickly as possible. If you do end up serving time, ask about educational programs available to you so you can continue your education while you await sentencing.


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