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What is a drug court?

The criminal justice system in the US has long had issues with too many drug-related cases. The prison system also has struggled with having too many prisoners in for drug-related convictions.

Because drugs are such a prevalent issue, many states have special drug courts. According to the Collin County website, a drug court works on a different concept than a regular court. Because traditional methods of punishment do not usually work, drug courts seek to focus more on rehabilitation.


One of the main characteristics of drug court is it provides incentives. If you go to court, the judge will outline a program you must follow. If you complete the program successfully, the court will wipe out your charges. This means you walk away without a criminal record.


The program you will have to follow can vary widely, but it will usually include a range of things you must do to avoid a future drug charge. You may have to undergo counseling or attend treatment. You will have oversight through the program as well from a probation officer. You will also likely have to take regular drug tests.


Not every case will qualify for drug court. You will usually have to be a resident of the county in which you face charges and be willing to go through the program and follow all the rules. You will undergo an assessment as well to determine if you could benefit from the program. The court may also only allow specific offenses.

Drug court can be incredibly beneficial. It can allow you to overcome a mistake or a drug addiction without ruining your future.


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