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A better understanding of anger can help you avoid legal issues

As you go through your day, you have many opportunities to let anger gain the upper hand. This can quickly escalate into verbal and even physical encounters that could turn dangerous.

A better understanding of why you feel anger and how to control this emotion could help you stay out of trouble.

A look inside your brain on anger

When something happens to make you angry, such as a driver swerving in front of you, a number of changes occur in your brain. According to The Healthy, when anger kicks in your higher functioning prefrontal area of the brain shuts down. This allows other less evolved areas of the brain to take over. Also, hormonal and cardiovascular changes take effect.

The stress hormone cortisol is likely to rise. In certain conditions, this can lead to rage and you could act in a hostile manner or provoke a hostile response. In the worst case, you could verbally abuse someone or even start a physical altercation. This could result in a person bringing assault charges against you.

A glance at helpful techniques

Fortunately, you do not have to give in to anger. A number of helpful techniques calm you down and allow you to handle the situation in a better manner. The following practices prove helpful for many people:

  • Identify warning signs that you might lose control
  • Take a realistic view of your life
  • Engage in mindfulness and meditation
  • Get plenty of sleep and eat well

When it comes to the law, each situation is different. Moments of anger do not inevitably lead to an assault situation, but it is important to stay in control during difficult times. It is also worthwhile to understand the difference between justified and unjustified use of force.


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