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What should I do if somebody accuses me of domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a scourge that terrorizes thousands of homes across the United States. As a result, it is unsurprising that communities tend to band together against domestic abusers. This makes it an immediate crisis point if somebody accuses you falsely of a domestic violence crime.

Not only can domestic violence accusations have serious consequences legally and professionally, they also have serious personal consequences as well. If anybody is accusing you falsely of domestic violence, it is vital that you keep calm and get in contact with your friends and family about the accusations as quickly as possible.

Staying calm is a must

It is true that false domestic violence crimes are extremely serious and thus upsetting. If you are feeling anger or hurt at the accusations, this is very normal. However, your reaction to the accusations is of Paramount importance. Make sure not to react with anger. If you do, it is possible that the prosecution can use whatever you say against you in court. Escalating the situation will only make it worse.

Friends and family can help

Once you are aware that somebody is falsely accusing you of domestic violence, you should contact your friends and family immediately. You absolutely do not want anybody you care about hearing about these accusations from a third party. Being upfront with your close ones helps ensure that you keep them on your side throughout this process.

Dealing with false accusations of domestic violence is a harrowing experience, and you will need all of the support you can get. The last thing you want is somebody hearing about these accusations through the grapevine and wondering if they are true.


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