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The fate of your CDL after a DWI

When you rely on driving to make money in Texas, facing charges of DWI can cost you your job. Knowing what will happen to your CDL as a result of your charges can help you to plan your next steps.

As you prepare your case, consider which options you have to retain your licensure or at least minimize the impact of your situation on your career.

Your responsibility

The legal blood alcohol content level for Texans peaks at 0.08%. However, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, when granted a CDL license, you agree to an even stricter standard of 0.04%. Exceeding this amount while operating your commercial vehicle can result in serious legal consequences and charges of DWI.

Your future

While you may only lose your license temporarily, you could lose it permanently if you re-offend within a certain period of time. Regardless of the length of your license suspension, not having legal clearance to drive can jeopardize your job. You may have the option of negotiating with your employer and transferring to a different role. Fortunately, if you do need to find another job, there are other options you can consider that do not require a CDL.

As you prepare to complete the terms of your CDL suspension, you may desire to have it reinstated at the earliest possible time. You will need to apply for reinstatement and follow the instructions. You may also consider participating in a driver safety course. This can help prepare you for resuming your job as a commercial driver with reminders about road safety, your responsibilities and how to mitigate potential road hazards.


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