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Are you eligible for DWI/drug court in Collin County?

History has repeatedly proven that incarcerating individuals who have substance abuse problems does little to reduce criminal behavior. Recognizing this, Collin County, Texas, created a DWI/Drug Court that seeks to not only hold you accountable for a drug- or alcohol-related offense but also give you the tools you need to overcome your dependency.

You may be a strong candidate for Collin County’s DWI/Drug Court if you are likely to re-offend without intervention. Before you may enter the program, you must meet certain eligibility requirements.

Determining drug court eligibility

You may be eligible to enroll in DWI/drug court if you live in Collin County, are facing a certain type of criminal charge and have undergone a substance abuse evaluation. Eligible charges including certain first- and second-offense DWI charges and certain drug charges. You also have to show that you are willing to participate in your own recovery and abide by the program’s strict terms.

Examining drug court benefits

If you enroll in and complete drug court, your participation may help keep you out of jail or prison. It may also mean that you do not need to perform community service. You may also be able to obtain an Occupational Driver’s License that allows you to drive to and from work, among other program benefits.

While participating in drug court may benefit you as far as your criminal case, it may do the same on a more personal level. The program all but forces compliance, which may make you more likely to abstain from using or drugs or alcohol than you might be without its support.


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