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4 things to avoid while out on bail

Bail allows you to wait for your hearing in your own home rather than from jail. You can achieve a quick jail release via bail bonds but in order to remain free, you need to comply with the court’s conditions while on bond.

Adhere to the rules and avoid the following mistakes to give yourself your best chance of staying out on bond.

Ignoring bail conditions

The conditions are set based on the nature of the crime, your mental condition, criminal history and ties in the community. The judge, your lawyer and bail bond agent will explain these conditions to you.

Your bail conditions likely also include travel restrictions, so make sure to follow all the requirements set by the court.

Missing any court dates

Make your court appearances your first priority to avoid landing yourself back in jail. If you foresee any issues causing you to miss an appearance, make sure to notify your bail bondsman.

Spending time with bad influences

Avoid putting yourself in precarious situations since the more you are around other criminal influences, the more likely you are to slip up. Know which places to avoid such as bars and gang-related hangouts and which individuals to steer clear of (including anyone else involved in your case).

Possessing illicit substances and weapons

The court may order a random drug test while you are out on bail. Additionally, the court will drug test you before your trial. Avoiding drugs and alcohol during this time is better for your character.

Additionally, do not possess any weapons in your home or on your person including blunt objects and bladed weapons.

Overall, rearrests while out on bail mean that the court will be strict and you will lose the premium from your bond. Do not make this costly mistake.


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