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Can a DWI sink your scholarships?

As a resident of Texas who has recently been accepted into college but is relying on financial aid, you may want to look into the potential repercussions that a DWI-related conviction may have on these matters. Unfortunately, if you are facing a conviction, you could find yourself without the money you need to attend your academic institution of choice.

Scholarships given by the government follow stringent rules and regulations. If a possible recipient of one of these scholarships is convicted of a DWI-related crime, there is a high change you may have your application denied or revoked. This applies to scholarship applications that you have yet to fill out. You may be rejected right off the bat due to the conviction. If you aren’t outright rejected, you will likely be put into a lower pool of contestants.

If you are relying on a private scholarship, however, your circumstances might be a little different. Private scholarships are not regulated as heavily as the ones given out by the government. Because of this, they can be more lenient with people facing criminal convictions. However, many private scholarships still face pressure from their surrounding communities. If there is enough backlash against someone with a conviction being gifted a scholarship, they may decide to rescind the offer.

All of this can be quite troubling, especially if you need to rely on financial aid in order to help you through your time in college. If you are interested in learning more about DWI related crimes and defense, take a look at our web page, linked here.


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