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When an ex falsely accuses you of assault

Assault charges may surface for various reasons. Someone may find themselves in the middle of a bar fight that they did not initiate or want to be involved in, while another person may end up in a fight with one of their friends over any number of issues. However, some people are accused of assault by a former partner, such as a former spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. These cases can be especially challenging for a myriad of reasons, not only from an emotional point of view but with regard to the penalties that someone may face if they are unable to secure a favorable outcome.

An ex may falsely accuse their former partner of assault for countless reasons. Sometimes, the charges are valid, and they want to hold their ex accountable for assaulting them. On the other hand, some of these cases are based on total lies and exaggerated details. For example, an ex may be very bitter and want to get revenge on their former spouse or partner. Or, they may want to claim that they were assaulted in order to gain custody of a child.

Handling a case which involves an ex can be very tough, and some people are hesitant to stand up for their rights fully and defend themselves against the charges. After all, it can be very painful when someone you used to love is now accusing you of assaulting them, especially when the claims are completely false. That being said, your future may be threatened by assault charges in different ways, and you should immediately go over your legal rights.


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