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Stay out of trouble when you are out on bond

If you are out on bond after a court charges you with driving while intoxicated or with marijuana possession, you should be aware of your bond conditions. Bond conditions in Texas vary because the judge can impose conditions on your bond.

Here are some of the conditions that the court may impose.

Do not drink or use illegal drugs

Your judge may impose restrictions on drinking alcohol at all, whether you plan to drive or not. DWI and smoking marijuana are illegal in Texas, and you should not engage in these activities. The court may revoke bond for your prior charge. Also, the authorities may prosecute you for these new offenses.

Install a motor vehicle interlock system

The court may require you to install a motor vehicle interlock system in your car. These systems require you to breathe into a device to check your blood alcohol level. If your BAC is too high, the car will not start. These devices may report you if you attempt to start your car with an excessive BAC. Therefore, you should be careful to follow the instructions provided by the court.

Do not leave the area

The judge may impose a restriction on the geographic area you may travel in. He or she may restrict you  to travel in the state, or even to the local metro area.

If you have a job, report to work regularly

The judge may require you to maintain your regular working hours as a condition of your bond. The court may monitor your attendance at work. The court may consider you an increased risk if you are late or failing to appear at work.

These are just some of the conditions that a judge may impose when granting bond to you. Other restrictions may apply, depending on the circumstances of your specific case.


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