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The National Firearms Act, or NFA, and firearms law in general, are complex, convoluted, and all too easy to violate. Whether you are setting up an NFA trust or have been charged with a violation of Federal firearms laws, you cannot rely on Internet rumor or a retailer's advice. Plano defense lawyer Alex Fuller has an in-depth, attorney’s-level knowledge of state and Federal firearms law.

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What Is the National Firearms Act?

The NFA was passed by Congress in 1934 as a response to organized crime during the Prohibition era. This act taxes and regulates manufacturers, sellers, and importers of firearms, especially in regards to interstate transportation and owner registration and reporting.

NFA trusts, also known as gun trusts, are a convenient way to purchase and own NFA-regulated firearms and accessories. NFA trusts also act as an estate planning tool to bequeath firearms to an heir.

Criminal Penalties Related to NFA Violations

The National Firearms Act codifies certain actions as a crime. These offenses include:

  • Transferring a firearm to yourself or others in violation of the NFA
  • Manufacturing firearms in violation of the NFA
  • Possessing an unregistered NFA firearm
  • Possessing an unmarked NFA firearm
  • Removing or changing the serial number on a firearm

These offenses are complex and require a knowledgeable advocate to fight for your best interests and your constitutional rights. Possible penalties for a violation include forfeiting your rights as a gun owner, sentencing to Federal prison, financial penalties, and felony changes for tax evasion, among other penalties.

The Law Office of H. Alex Fuller is dedicated to providing aggressive and experienced representation to those facing NFA violations or offenses related to other Federal gun laws. Contact the Plano firearm law attorney at (214) 438-4419to schedule your free initial consultation.

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