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If your loved one has been jailed, it may be a new and frightening experience for you. If you need help getting your loved one out of jail, The Law Office of H. Alex Fuller, PLLC can help.

Attorney Alex Fuller is a former prosecutor, which means he has unique insight into the mindset of those prosecuting the accused. He also tailors his legal advocacy to each case, because no two situations are exactly the same. Talk to him about your case as soon as possible.

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The Jail Release Process

The arrest starts the entire criminal process. A person suspected of committing a crime, such as driving while intoxicated (DWI), will be arrested and taken to a city or county jail. Once there, the person will be “booked in” to the jail where their mugshot and fingerprints will be taken. The arrested person must then be brought before a magistrate judge within 48 hours. The magistrate judge will set bail. You must then either pay the bail in cash or find a bail bondsman to put the bond up. All told, your loved one may be in jail for days, weeks, or even months before the bond is paid! Even 48 hours is a long time to spend in jail!

Thankfully, an attorney can get your loved one out of jail within a few hours of arrest on a “writ bond” for certain offenses, including DWI, theft, and misdemeanor drug charges. While writ bonds are not available for assault cases or felonies, in many other cases the attorney can secure your loved one’s release within hours.

If your loved one cannot get out of jail on a writ bond, and bond is set too high for them to afford, Alex can still help! He can file a pre-indictment writ of habeas corpus to seek a lower bond and consult with the District Attorney’s office to secure a bond that you can pay.

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If your loved one is under arrest, they don’t have to wait in jail for long. Let the experienced Plano jail release attorney at The Law Office of H. Alex Fuller, PLLC help. Attorney Fuller understands an arrest can be devastating for those who are unprepared for the financial repercussions. Let him use his experience and knowledge to defend the rights and freedom of your loved one.

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