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Aggressive Representation in the Court of Appeals

A successful trial is only worthwhile if you can defend it on appeal, and preparing for the appellate process starts before trial. At the Law Office of H. Alex Fuller, he has litigated appeals in Texas state appellate courts and in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Alex also has the in-depth knowledge, briefing, and advocacy skills necessary to prevail in complex appeals. No matter if Alex is your original legal counsel or this is the first time that Alex is representing you, rest assured that he are dedicated to helping you preserve your rights on appeal.

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Appealing a Criminal Conviction

A guilty verdict is not necessarily the end of the road for you. Whether he is your original representation or you come to us needing a different legal counsel to handle your appeals, Alex, the Plano appellate law attorney is ready to defend you. He has the experience and research on the appellate framework and procedure to help you with your appeal.

Some of the legal actions he can proceed with include:

  • File a motion asking to overturn the guilty verdict of the jury and enter a verdict of not guilty
  • Seek a writ or ask the higher court to reverse a conviction
  • Move for a new trial or declare a mistrial and start over

He knows that several unexpected issues may arise. He will work closely with you throughout the entire process to keep you advised with the best advice he can give.

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If an appeal is trying to overturn your victory in court or you are the one in need to reverse a conviction, count on the dedicated legal services and fierce representation of The Law Office of H. Alex Fuller, PLLC. He stands ready to help.

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